Slytherin!Harry AU where Draco and Harry sneak glances at each other during classes.


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It doesn’t have to be difficult, it can be easy. We can be happy


the fury in john’s eyes and jaw and posture as he looks at mary after the paramedics take sherlock from him in 221b gives me life tbh


As promised.  DANCING. *flails*

BROWN: Where do you think Max ends up?

SCHNETZER: I think Max ends up with Liesel. I don’t think it happens right away, but as they grow up, I think he’s the only person that she’s got and she’s the only person that he’s got. Having gone through what the two of them went through, there’s a bond that’s unparalleled. It would be futile to look to establish something beyond that between two human beings. 

doctor who + my doctor


Canon AU

Arthur never died and Merlin had all the time in the world to show him that magic isn’t necessarily evil.

"As punishment for lying to me, you have to muck out the stables for two weeks though, Merlin."


"You can use your magic now."



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orphan black s2 meme | five colors
cyan [3/5]