I honestly think Twelfth is gonna do something so dark and ridiculous that it’s gonna hit us in the face and we won’t know what just hit us…


My new Cap poster! Took me 4 days to finish this! 

Existential Dalek is my favourite Dalek

Resistance is futile.

Resistance to what?

Life returns. Life prevails. Resistance is futile.

url inspired graphicstaerlord


Book Quotes

louis aggravates liam and liam does it back to him

Is the wooden sound you or the desk?


Merlin Cast Fest ~ Colin Morgan
  • Day 2: Favourite Outfit   ~  Tempest Photo Shoot

"If you’re going to do Shakespeare, this is the place," says Irish actor Colin Morgan, best known for playing the title role in BBC One’s hit fantasy series Merlin, which ended last year. He’s looking forward to making his debut at the Globe Theatre in late April. "It has a legacy to it. When I had my first stand on the stage, yeah, it was exciting", he smiles. (x)


Various posters and covers for The Iron Giant


Couldn’t you just slap him sometimes?

qualities of a hero